Generally, it is expected that as a shift is made in location and culture, many aspects of life are affected too, either positively or negatively. Whichever country you decide to go with as your study destination, you should know and prepare on how to cope adequately. Taking note of these would help you get accustomed to the change in your host community faster.



This is of uttermost importance and finding accommodation as a first-year international student is always an uphill task in any country. You should be clear about your choice of accommodation and equip yourself with all the information regarding availability.

As students seeking advisory services from ISP Education, you should know that you’d be assisted in finding and booking suitable accommodation.



Things to do for fun as colleges students may differ from country to country but in most cases, they’re the same. In whatever community you choose to belong to in your college, endeavor to take advantage of any opportunity to explore their unique cultures, visit their beautiful sceneries or even get involved in their sporting activities.


Now, to address the different academic and societal cultures in different study destinations –


The British are known for their liberal and creative attitude, and this is also reflected in their culture. The academic culture in the UK is a very interactive one – as a student studying in the UK, you are encouraged to be creative and explore new ideas. The point is to have fun while learning. In some cases, you may often be required to do your own analysis and research or work with groups for projects, after which your tutor would encourage you to share opinions and lead discussions.

If you weren’t exposed to this method of teaching while in your previous colleges or schools, the aforementioned learning style should keep you abreast of what is expected of you as you plan to study in the UK.



One of the hallmarks of U.S. culture is independence and this is also interwoven into their education system. The American culture is broad and diverse, as it has been enriched by the values and belief systems of virtually every part of the world. From an international student’s perspective, this diversity is very valuable and the exposure broadens the students’ horizons.

Overall, student life in the United States is a unique experience, when compared to what you may have experienced in other countries.




Traditional Chinese culture attaches great importance to education as a means of enhancing a person’s worth and career. China is known for its long-standing on Arts (Literature, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts), Technology, and fostering Competitiveness amongst its intellectuals.

The education system in China is a major vehicle for both inculcating values and teaching needed skills to its people of all ages.

As China’s academic recognition continues to increase yearly globally, it’s becoming a top study destination for international students.



The Canadian culture is influenced by the British and the French, and as such is a blend of cultures from both sides. The nation’s liberal attitude makes it a fantastic place to study for international students of any background.

The Canadian education system prides itself in the aspect of top research while still remaining accessible and diverse. Compared to other higher education systems, Canadian degree programs may seem more flexible as well. No matter what degree you pursue, students are given some choice when it comes to selecting courses or choosing classes. Therefore, Canadian students have more control over their workload and what subjects they will study, depending on the discipline.



Australian students are encouraged to be independent learners — with this learning style, you’d be responsible for completing the readings, undertaking research, and meeting deadlines yourself. Academic services will generally be available to help you adapt in cases where you’d need help.

Other important things to know about the Australian learning culture – Plagiarism of any form is frowned at, Australian schools value original thinking very highly. The learning style here encourages innovation, teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking in all subjects. Also, the focus is drawn more on assignments that are given and not exams. This arrangement means that time management becomes really important, and over the course of a semester, you’d probably have many assignments and deadlines.


In conclusion, in choosing a study destination, you should be clear on which destination would suit your academic needs and interests.